COSMOPROF ASIA(コスモプロフアジア) 2022





ちなみにこのコスモプロフは世界中の主要エリアで開催されており 9月15日~17日にタイのバンコク 10月6日~8日にインドのムンバイでも開催されます。

事務局の公式発表によると現在香港では入国制限があり出展者と来場者の混乱を回避するために、シンガポールでSpecial Editionとして開催予定だそうです。

現時点において 出展予定社数 1000社以上  来場予定者数15000人以上  13カ国のグループパビリオンを予定しているようです。


場所はSingapore Expo



• 2022.09.02

Great news that popped in a few months ago!

After 3 years, Cosmoprof Asia is back in Singapore at a venue for a special edition!

This exhibition, which I have blogged about before, is the largest international beauty exhibition in Asia.

In the past, our company had imported products found at this exhibition to Japan and made them a hit, and before Corona, we used to go looking for golden eggs whenever we had the chance.

Incidentally, this Cosmoprof is being held in major areas around the world, including Bangkok, Thailand on September 15-17, and Mumbai, India on October 6-8.

According to the official announcement by the organizer, the exhibition will be held in Singapore as a Special Edition to avoid confusion among exhibitors and visitors due to the current immigration restrictions in Hong Kong.

As of now, more than 1,000 companies and 13 country group pavilions are expected to exhibit, and more than 15,000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition.

The most recent real event was held in Hong Kong in November 2019, and three people from our company, including myself, went to visit that time. Compared to the scale of that event, this year’s event in Singapore may be a bit smaller. However, we expect that manufacturers from all over the world will present new products and technologies in conjunction with the exhibition, as it is the first time in three years that the real event will be held.

Dates: November 16 – 18
Location: Singapore Expo

I am also secretly thinking of going there after a long time if I can adjust my schedule and if I can smoothly leave and enter Japan, in search of the golden egg that will become a trend in the world and the Japanese beauty industry in a few years.