FEMTECHフェムテック 関連商品 の取り扱いを開始します


2025年までに5兆円の市場規模まで成長するといわれているこの ”フェムテック” ですが、まだまだ一般的に誰でも知っているというものではなく、私の妻も最近までフェムテックのことを全く知りませんでした。これから更に認知が上がり日常的にに目にしたり耳にしたりするようになれば参入企業も増えて市場は活性化されるでしょう。

経済産業省がフェムテック等サポート実証事業を実施していること等々 以前にもフェムテックに関してblogに書きました。







20歳までを思春期・青年期 30歳前後〜40歳半ばまでを成熟期 50歳前後を更年期と位置づけ
妊活・妊娠・産後・育児・更年期 等々




Starting to deal FEMTECH related products

• 2023.02.17


“Femtech” is said to grow to a market scale of 5 trillion yen by 2025, but it is still not something that everyone knows about, and my wife did not know anything about Femtech until recently. As awareness of Femtech grows and people see and hear about it on a daily basis, the number of companies entering the market will increase and the market will become more active.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is implementing the Femtech Support Demonstration Project, etc. I have written about Femtech in my blog before.

In business meetings, we often talk with manufacturers about Femtech, and many of them interpret it as a product for the delicate zone (I also thought so at first.)
In the past, we have received several proposals from manufacturers for products for the delicate zone, but we had to pass on all of them in terms of sales channels and sales methods.

However, recently the concept of Femtech has gradually spread, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has conducted demonstration experiments, which has increased the level of trust in Femtech, and the number of companies and products related to Femtech has also increased.

And we will start selling Femtech-related products in line with the current trend.

The concept that the makers of the products we are handling in this issue value,

“Nurturing Life Stages with You.”

I think it is very wonderful.

Placing Adolescence up to age 20, Maturity period from around age 30 to mid 40 and Menopause around age 50, pregnancy, postpartum, childcare, menopause, etc., they have launched products that address the mental and physical changes that come with each stage of a woman’s life, as well as the accompanying worries and frustrations.

We will be introducing the products again soon.