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Tools to enhance your BARBER style

• 2024.03.08

According to the beauty census released by Hot Pepper Beauty in the second half of 2023, the number of male customers and the percentage of perms used by men are increasing. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see men’s styles being introduced from salons, and I have high expectations that the range of men’s styles will continue to expand.

On the other hand, the BARBER style is now fully established.

The BARBER style has taken root over the past decade in Asia, where I travel, and demand for styling products, combs, and clippers related to the BARBER style has increased.

Of course, I also feel the style with the clippers firmly in place is cool.

I have written about men’s styling products in the past here, and we also have a full line of waxes, gels, pomades, greases, and other items that enhance BARBER style.

☆ Wuao Joey Hard Jelly

☆ Cool Grease

☆ Spiky Hair Slime

☆ Spiky Pomade

And even more indispensable as a tool to highlight the barber’s style is the mesh combs.

It does a good job of producing rough streaks that look as if they have been hand combed through. Various shapes and colors are available from manufacturers, but we also sell our own original product, the BARBER mesh comb.

Two types of comb teeth with different roughness allow you to express the desired texture of striations.

The resin used in this comb has a shape-memory function. Soaking the comb in 45°C water for 5 minutes softens it, and after shaping it to your liking, soaking it in water will fix the shape.

When applying styling products and sweeping the hair up the front or from front to back, a mesh comb can be inserted at the end to create rough streaks that accentuate the style and make it look crisp and defined!

☆BARBER mesh comb