BISARA ハンズフリー スタンドヘアドライヤー  


BISARA ハンズフリー スタンドヘアドライヤー

ここ数年の理美容室におけるドライヤーの店販品は洗練されたデザインに高付加価値 高単価路線が定着しつつあります。





それがハンズフリーになることで、髪を乾かしながら スマホを見たり テレビを見たり 本を読んだりしながら髪を乾かすことが可能になります。



3段階の風量調整 5段階温度調整機能に加えてマイナスイオン機能も搭載、更にTwin Air Systemという2つの吹き出し口を搭載しておりトップと毛先部分と広範囲にムラなく乾燥させることが可能です。

この商品は家庭用ですので、洗練されたデザイン 高付加価値 高単価の店販品としてサロン様からお客様へオススメできる最適な商品だと思います。


メーカー希望小売価格 27,000円+税となっております。



BISARA Hands-free stand hair dryer

• September 23, 2022

Finally, we’re going to start selling it!

BISARA Hands-free stand hair dryer

This is a product that we have just started to handle from September 21, 2012.
In the last few years, in-store sales of hair dryers in barbershops and beauty salons are becoming increasingly sophisticated in design, high in added value, and high in unit price.

The BISARA is a breakthrough in dryer common sense.
It is a hands-free stand dryer that is the exact opposite of a typical hand dryer.

In the distant past, salons had standing hooded hair dryers for professional use and bathhouses had them.
I don’t know why, but for some reason they disappeared.
I guess it was more a matter of appearance than function.

The image of a woman reading a magazine while wearing a hood reminds me of my nostalgic Showa-era childhood.

The most important feature of this product is that it is hands-free.

When drying your hair, your hands are occupied and it takes a certain amount of time to dry your hair, which is tiring.
By making it hands-free, you can dry your hair while looking at your phone, watching TV, or reading a book.

As you can see, the design is sophisticated and matches the interior.

Equipped with a remote control, it can be operated while seated.

In addition to the 3-stage air volume control and 5-stage temperature control, it is also equipped with a negative ion function and the Twin Air System, which has two air outlets to evenly dry the top and ends of the hair.

Since this product is for home use, I think it is the best product that salons can recommend to their customers as a sophisticated design, high value-added, high-unit-price in-store product.

How about during the store sales season from fall to the end of the year?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 27,000 yen + tax.

If you are interested, please contact the salesperson in charge or our company.