0.3mm のフェード刃 搭載 Panasonic  ER-GP86 8月発売

今回はPanasonicさんより 8月に発売されるプロ用新製品のご案内です。

☆プロバリカン ER-GP86












フェードアタッチメントに加えて 3/4mm  6/9mmが付属


充電催促ランプ 充電表示・完了ランプ






☆プロバリカン ER-GP86


Panasonic ER-GP86 with 0.3mm fade blade August on sale

• July 14, 2023

This time, I would like to inform you of a new professional product that will be released by Panasonic in August.

☆Professional hair clipper ER-GP86

The best feature is the short cutting height of 0.3mm!

The popular current model ER-GP82 has a mowing height of 0.8mm, which means that the ER-GP86 to be released this time can achieve a mowing height 0.5mm shorter than that.

We have been receiving inquiries from male hair stylists who have many male clients about clippers for fade cuts, but we have not been able to find a model that we could guide them to, so we have been recommending the use of a fade shaver in combination with a conventional clipper.

This need must have existed for quite some time, but the blade alone suggests that Panasonic has been carefully developing this product. And it has been sold in advance in foreign countries, where it has received a considerable response.

◎fade blade

Equipped with a “fade blade” that can cut to about 0.3 mm in length, and a special carbon coating and sharply angled 45-degree movable blade for smooth and long-lasting sharpness.

◎Skin-friendly blades

The pitch of the fixed blade is narrower than that of the conventional product, making it harder for the blade to bite into the skin and reducing the burden on the skin *Comparison with the conventional product: ER-GP82

◎Dial adjustment

Can be set from approx. 0.3mm to 2.7mm (in increments of approx. 0.3mm) by dial adjustment and fade attachment. Ideal for creating fade gradations.

◎Mowing height attachment

Comes with 3/4mm & 6/9mm in addition to fade attachments.

◎Charging stand

Charge alarm lamp Charging indicator/complete lamp

◎2-way power supply

Rechargeable (cordless use): Can be used continuously for about 50 minutes with a full charge of about 1 hour.
AC (corded use) Continuous use is possible by connecting the cord.

◎Compact AC adapter

Space-saving design when charging

Available August 2023
If you are interested, please contact our sales representative!